Friday, May 22, 2015

The Lowdown On the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale

Please tell us you know about Nordstrom's Half Yearly Sale going on right now?! We kind of live for this half yearly sale and are so pumped that it falls on a 3-day weekend. That means shop till we drop. Okay, so here are the deets on the sale going on from now until 5/31/15:

Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale: Save up to 40% at the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale on Men, Women & Kids styles, while supplies last through May 31! FREE Shipping. FREE Returns.

Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale (specific to Handbags & Accessories): Up to 40% OFF Handbags, Jewelry, Watches & Home: Up to 40% OFF Handbags, Jewelry, Watches & Home at Nordstrom, through May 31! FREE Shipping. FREE Returns.

Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale (specific to Women's Active & Swim): Up to 40% OFF Active, Swim and Lingerie: Up to 40% OFF Active, Swim and Lingerie styles from Zella, Nike & more at 
Nordstrom, throughMay 31! FREE Shipping. FREE Returns.

Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale (specific to Women's Shoes): New Markdowns on top Women's Shoe Brands: New Women's Shoes Markdowns from Sam Edelman, Steve Madden, Ivanka Trump & more at Nordstrom, through May 31! FREE Shipping. FREE Returns.

Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale (specific to Kids' Shoes): New Markdowns on top Kids' Shoes Brands: New Kids' Shoes Markdowns from favorite brands like Crocs, MICHAEL Michael Kors & more at Nordstrom, through May 31! FREE Shipping. FREE Returns.

Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale (specific to Men's Shoes): New Markdowns on top Men's Shoe Brands: New Men's Shoes Markdowns from Cole Haan, Bruno Magli, Nike & more at Nordstrom, through May 31! FREE Shipping. FREE Returns.

So, uh, what are you waiting for?!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

8 Ways To Be a Healthier You

We are really on this kick about living more intentional. Living more intentional means waking up with a purpose; a purpose supported by every day goals. When you live intentional you consequently have a healthier lifestyle. Below are eight (8) ways to be a healthier you:

  1. Make your bed.
  2. Eat breakfast.
  3. Workout for a minimum of 15 minutes.
  4. Spend some quiet time strengthening your faith.
  5. Learn from someone you aspire to be like.
  6. Laugh, often
  7. Put your phone away and live in the moment for at least an hour.
  8. Get your rest by hitting the sack early.
We hope these help you to be a more healthy version of yourself. What are some best practices you implement to support a healthier lifestyle? Share with us in the comments!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

4 Ways To Kickstart Your Career In College

Who says you can't get a kickstart in the corporate America world while you're in school?! Employers are looking for a lot of things, but most of all is experience. Below are our four (4) ways to kickstart your career in college so you stand out at all the job fairs when the time comes.

First, get an internship! Whether it's during the school period or during summer, intern at a company that is either where you want to work or in the same industry. The best thing about doing this is that you're building rapport. That way, when it's time to transition to a full-time role they'll be more inclined to hire you.

Second, take on leadership roles. Employers want to see that you're a leader and the easiest way to convince them of that is to hold a leadership role in an on campus organization. This will look fab on your rèsumé!

Third, stack up recommendations. Having someone to endorse your skills is so beneficial. Nowadays, the easiest way to have your skills endorsed is through LinkedIn. Sign up for an account and seek those referrals.

Fourth, network with your sorority sisters! Co Founder, Karen did just that to leverage her current medical sales position. Even if you don't have a sorority sister, alumnae are awesome to have because they can teach you skills and coach you for the job you desire.

Good luck!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Our Top 8 Favorite Grad Cap Designs

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

We want to start off by congratulating the Class of 2015! We remember our graduations like it was yesterday and just can't believe how quickly time has passed. One of our favorite moments during graduation prep was decorating our graduation caps so we have really enjoyed seeing all of your fun designs. Above are our top eight (8) favorite grad cap designs thus far! These caps are the perfect ones to draw inspiration from as you start to make yours for your graduation. Michaels and JoAnn Fabrics are the best places to pick up arts & crafts stuff. You can never go wrong ordering Swarovski crystals to bling out your cap and make it really stand out in the crowd. Whatever you do, make it special and unique, just like you!

Congrats grads!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

5 Items Worth Splurging On

1. A good quality, timeless purse
2. Gym Membership - Nothing motivates you to workout than a membership at a good gym!  You don't want that money going to waste, that's for sure!
3. Foundation - If there's any make up you should be splurging on, it would be a good foundation!
4. A classic watch - all the cool kids have a watch on their wrist! Pair it with come cute bangles for some wrist candy.
5. A Starbucks' card - self explanatory (haha!)

Health and beauty are the two things you should invest in so don't hold back on a little splurging. The above items are great essentials that you won't go wrong investing in.

What is your favorite splurge item? Comment below!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Why We Love the Sunrise Calendar App!

Wait, you're not already using the Sunrise Calendar App?! To be honest, those are the words we heard from our friends when they saw how ancient our phone calendars looked! The Sunrise Calendar App is an enhanced, more modern calendar app. It's free and was made for Google CalendariCloud and Exchange. Sunrise was basically designed to make our busy, crazy lives so much easier. Below is a breakdown of the features as shared on iTunes:

• 100% free calendar app with a gorgeous design.
• Compatible with Google Calendar, iCloud, Exchange.
• A completely redesigned calendar experience for your iPhone and iPad.
• Synchronization that just works, in real-time and with background updates.
• Quick Add Event just by typing "Lunch tomorrow at 9pm" (long-press on the +) (for Google Calendars only).
• Reminders.
• Timezone Support. No more headache when traveling!
• Facebook Events and Birthdays included.
• See faces and profiles of people you are meeting with using LinkedIn.
• Weather forecast based on your location.
• Smart icons.
• Tag location to events.
• Use Google Maps for Directions.
• Connect multiple Google Calendars.

We are loving it so far and it's a breath of fresh air from our old calendars! Try it out and let us know what you think.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Postmates: Food Delivered To Your Door!

So we are a little obsessed with the Postmates' App! Keywords: On-demand food delivery ALL THE TIME! How perfect is that? If you're just too busy studying or you had a long day at work and just want to go home, the Postmates app provides 24/7 on-demand delivery services for any restaurant or store in select cities (there are a lot like San Francisco, New York City, Chicago, D.C., L.A., Austin, Boston, Phoenix and Seattle). Not to mention, Postmates offers new users a $10 referral credit off delivery services from any restaurant or store to your home or office, plus you can get a $10 credit for each new user that you refer to Postmates. Try Postmates! Get the app here: Use our referral code, lq2j, for $10.00 in delivery fee credit. Just download the app, go to your profile and enter our promo/referral code (lq2j), then you're all set to order food! Our favorite place to get food from right now is Chipotle (haha)! You can literally add all of the ingredients you want as if you were ordering it in person. Gotta love it!
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